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Why buy local?

More is less……

Three for one? Buy one get one free? 50% more? 100% more?  Are food specials really economical? Are you really saving money and getting more for your money?  Nearly 2/3 of the food we buy in the UK is thrown away. So where is the economy in that?

A large loaf of tinbaked, sliced bread costs on average £1.30, is made with over 30 ingredients and takes under 40 minutes from raw ingredients  to plastic bag. It lasts for over a week.

Special offers are often based on foods that are high in sugar, salt, additives, artificial colouring, hydrogenated fats and cheap substitute ingredients. Buying more of these offers results in a higher intake ingredients that have proven to help contribute to poor health. So, yes, yet again you are buying more of what your body does not need.

And less is more………

There are no special offers at farmers markets.  If produce was as inexpensive as in it is in supermarkets then there would be thriving markets in every village, town and city.

Buying local means that the food you buy has a different sort of value and tastes so much better because it is fresh and is made as it should be. A large loaf of fresh, tin-baked bread at a market costs on average, £2.20 is made with 4 ingredients and takes 18 hours to make.  It lasts for 3 days but is usually all eaten the same day!

The cost, while sometimes a bit more at a market, indicates what the real cost implications are of raising and growing food, less the;-

  • food miles,
  • additives,
  • pesticides,
  • packaging,
  • long-term storage
  • distribution costs.

When you buy a bit less of the fresh, main ingredients you cook with like meat, fish , bread and cheese, you find that you make it last as long as possible and none of it is thrown away.  It also tastes completely delicious!

helstonmarketWhy buy local?
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